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Friday, November 13, 2009

RuPaNya UmMi KeNa MiLk bLiStEr

tadi ummi jengah forum cari, berguna sangat info kat situ pasal breastfeeding nie...tq kawan2 kat sana...kan ummi ada cerita sebelum ini pasal breast ummi sakit dan bengkak susu tu..rupanya ummi kena MILK BLISTER...mesti ramai tak tahu apa itu MILK BLISTER...

meh kita baca sama2...setakat nie ummi dah kena 2-3's normal rupanya...jom layan..

What is a milk blister?
A milk blister, or blocked nipple pore, is also called a bleb or nipple blister, or simply "milk under the skin." It occurs when a tiny bit of skin overgrows a milk duct opening and milk backs up behind it. A milk blister usually shows up as a painful white, clear or yellow dot on the nipple or areola (see photo), and the pain tends to be focused at that spot and just behind it. If you compress the breast so that milk is forced down the ducts, the blister will typically bulge outward. Milk blisters can be persistent and very painful during feeding, and may remain for several days or weeks and then spontaneously heal when the skin peels away from the affected area.
This is not the same as a blister on the nipple caused by friction. This type of blister, which may sometimes be a red or brown "blood blister," can be caused by friction from baby's improper latch or sucking or from the use of a badly fitting nipple shield or pump. In this type of blister, the problem is nipple damage due to friction, rather than a milk duct opening being blocked. Here is information on healing broken skin in the nipple area, plus more thoughts on the causes of friction or blood blisters.
A white spot on the nipple may also be caused by an obstruction within the milk duct (as opposed to skin covering the milk duct). The obstruction might be a tiny, dry clump of hardened milk or a "string" of fattier, semi-solidified milk. The first type of milk duct obstruction will often pop out from the pressure of nursing or manual expression, or can be gently scraped from the surface of the milk duct with a fingernail. The second type can often be manually expressed from the milk duct; reducing saturated fats can help to prevent recurrence of this type of obstruction. Both of these types of milk duct obstruction are associated with recurrent mastitis.

What causes a milk blister?
Milk blisters are thought to be caused by milk within a milk duct that has been sealed over by the epidermis and has triggered an inflammatory response. The underlying cause of a milk blister may be oversupply, pressure on that area of the breast, or the other usual causes of plugged ducts. Latch, suck, and or tongue problems may contribute to blisters because of friction on the tip of the nipple.
Thrush (yeast), can also cause milk blisters. Thrush occasionally appears as tiny white spots on the nipple, but can also appear as larger white spots that block one or more milk ducts. If you have more than one blister at the same time, suspect thrush as the cause. Yeast is often accompanied by a "burning" pain, and the pain tends to be worse after nursing or pumping (whereas a plugged duct generally feels better after the breast has been emptied).

nak tahu cara2 nak cure atau buat treatment dia..meh baca kat sini k...

memang berguna sangat info nie...sapa2 yang dah melalui breastfeeding journey ini selama 8-9 bulan..biasa akan alami ini...walaupun ia menyakitkan tapi ummi still appreciate this..anggap ini sebagai satu pengorbanan ummi pada afnan...

afnan nanti dah besar, jgn lupa ummi tau...ummi tak minta duit atau kekayaan..apa yang ummi nak...afnan kenal dan sentiasa ingat ummi inilah yang banyak berkorban pada afnan...(rasa sedih lah pulak...)

zhafran pun jgn lupa ummi tau..walaupun ummi tak dapat breastfeed zhafran lama2..bukan ummi tak sayang, bukan ummi tak adil...tapi sebab ummi jahil dan ummi mengaku ummi salah...maafkan ummi ye sayang...tapi ini bukan alasan zhafran mudah lupa ummi tau...ummi tetap seorang anak yang keletah, cerdik sama sahaja ngan budak2 yang minum susu ibunya....

tengok zhafran tengah syok layan meng colour....

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